Which type of oil is best for hot scalp ?

Which type of oil is best for hot scalp ?

We all know that oils have so much benefits for hair

Mostly, we use coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, castor oil, etc

But what some people don’t notice is that Why does hair fall out more after putting the oil?

May be You have already heard the argument that it is possible and impossible, but it is true

Because we have not the same scalp type!

People with hot scalps will lose more hair than normal when they use hot oil type

Olive oil and sesame oil are included in the hot oil group

So, what is the best oil for thinner hair & hot scalp? Of course, it’s Coconut Oil

– Boil the coconut oil on the stove until it boils. After cooling, you can mix aloe vera gel and apply it

– Steam the Coconut Oil, roast the dry tea leaves until you can get the roasted smell & mix together tgen apply it

Is  using too much oil gets clog  the hair follicles and slow down the hair growth ?

Is it easy to get dirty?


So How to prevent it?

We can make Hair Spa and also  Scalp Scrub.

I would like to share some easy homemade tips 

– Grind the rice powder and gently rub it all over your scalp before washing your hair

– Mix the soapnut powder with a little water and rub it gently 

You can make once or twice a week .

Wishing everyone can be beautiful in a natural way