Dictatorship with the Chance of US Parliamentary Legislation about Myanmar Affair

Dictatorship with the Chance of US Parliamentary Legislation about Myanmar Affair

Last year 2022, there were less pages concerned with Myanmar Affairs in the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the National Defense Authorization Act of United States. In the NDAA 2023, there are 25 pages of provisions stated for Myanmar Affairs as a remarkable issue.

Now, the NDAA 2023 has been approved from the US House of Representatives and After confirmation of the US Senate, the president will sign and the law will be official and US government will take the action to solve the matter of terrorist myanmar military council.

There are 4408 pages in NDAA 2023 and for the matter of Myanmar Affairs, 25 pages of provisions mainly composed of the following 8 statistics as United States Policy of Myanmar Affairs.

1. To support Myanmar Peoples’ Justice, Human Right and Democracy Fight.

2. To support all inside and outside of Myanmar as NUG, NUCC, CRPH, CDM Movement and others organizations activities that endeavor to end the military dictatorship.

3. Reversion of Civil Administration to Elected Legal Civilian Government and the Military must be under the direction of Civilian Government. To actualize the reformation of constitution that protected the right of ethnic minorities and Federal Union Policy.

4. To be accountable to the criminals for all of the transgressions of Human rights of Myanmar people and ethnic groups.

5. To be accountable to China and Russia that are supported to the military dictators’ terrorism.

6. To continue the support of humanitarian aid to all myanmar people who absconding from the criminals of terrorist military.

7. To act for the free of all political arrested personals.

8. For all suffered myanmar people who are inside of Myanmar and absconding to other foregin countries, to get all humanitarian aid direct and not via military.

US NDAA is stated that to take sanction to all the personals, association and businesses as Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise that are mainly income supported to military and any concerned with the terrorist generals. These action will be valid till 8 years and the president can submit to the congress for cancelation.

There is also to do sanction and condemnation to the arms exports to Myanmar military terrorists via United Nations Security Council.

It is stated that for all ethnic armed organizations, people’s defense force (PDF) and all organizations fighted for democracy , there will be support to more strengthen of communication, command, collaborated contribution technologies support, that is not arms. Also the reformation plans and strategies of Civilian Administration together with Former myanmar soliders who disobey military coup are also stated.

To support for being dominant the Federal System, the investigation of military violation of human rights , the political arrested personals help and peace and recolonization process is also mentioned.

It is known that these all support and strategies are to do according to the yearl by from upcoming 2023 to 2027.