There are almost no passengers on Mandalay based highway Bus lines

There are almost no passengers on Mandalay based highway Bus lines

Some of the owners told  that after the shooting of the space plane at the top of the Sagaing Bridge, there are almost no passengers on the Mandalay based highway  bus lines.

“There are obviously no passengers anymore. There are only cars parked at the gate. There are no people. I’m afraid. So I don’t think they’ll go anymore, so it’s like they’ll be parked,” said an owner of a Mandalay-Ba Maw bus.

A veteran driver also considered the lack of passengers due to the insecurity of the route. “My car was shot at on the 6th. Nothing happened. I didn’t know which side was right, I don’t know which group shot, I don’t know where the lane is and what’s going to happen. I’m driving in a hurry,” said a driver who was driving from Mandalay – Katha Bus .

According to some drivers, it is known that the statements of the local defense forces are not timely and consistent, and that the armed groups of the military council are also shooting as if they did not think so.

“The problem is that I can’t always look at Facebook. When the bus is stopped, the passengers have eaten and left, and when I call them, they are already on the road.As a passenger, it is impossible to stop. I had to drive to the nearest town and village. One thing remains to be said. “If you don’t think that our cars are in sight of the military gates that are always crossing, they will shoot arbitrarily,” said a driver who drives Shweku – Mandalay.

Myitkyina, Winemaw , Shweku , Katha cities are mainly operated by Mandalay-based highway lines. At present, there are some planes that are still running as well as those that are stopped.