5 soldiers of the military council were killed in an attack near the Hakha city cemetery

It is reported that a Military Council column stationed near a cemetery outside of Hakha City in Chin State was attacked and five Military Council soldiers were killed.

“They approached the military council troops stationed at the cemetery on the outskirts of the city and shot them down. ” That’s where the team was initially deployed to build the Thee Myit Bridge,” Chin National Army (CAN) spokesperson Salai Htetni told.

On August 19th, at around 8:30 am, they shot at the Military Council troops who were carrying construction materials and security to repair the Thee Myit River Bridge between Hakha – Htantalan.

On June 30th, the military council tried to repair the bridge after a meeting was held to coordinate the rehabilitation and reconstruction work of Htantalan Township led by Ngong San Aung, who is said to be the Chief Minister of Chin State, who was recently deposed.

After that, starting from July 8th, when 27 military vehicles with about 200 people were carrying construction materials from Falang to Hakha, there were at least eight battles between the local defense forces including the CNA along the way, and at least 60 members of the military council were killed.

October 21 On 2021, the Thee Myit River Bridge between Hakha – Htantalan was blown up by the Chin defense forces as a military strategy. If the bridge is reused, the military council army will be able to send ground reinforcements and food supplies to Htantalan city, as well as reach a position where they can dominate Thangtalan township and there will be good opportunities to attack the Chin defense forces.

Therefore, according to local news sources, the battle with the military council army, which is working for the reconstruction of the Thee Myit River bridge and the control of the area under the title of Htantalan reconstruction, is likely to be more intense.