Brain Drain ?

Brain Drain ?

Have you ever seen a very long queue at the passport office – many young people lining up the whole day to get their passport? Why are they putting so much effort to get a passport? It is obvious that they desperately want to go abroad. The devastating conditions such as disqualified education and insecure employment under the military junta lead the youths to leave their country.

Many youths are eager to go abroad for certain reasons: to pursue their education, to seek job opportunities, to settle down in the foreign country, to support their families and importantly, to support the revolution. Different reasons make youths to decide to go abroad, resulting a long line at the passport office.

Here, some youths decide to pursue their education in accredited universities since decent education will provide them better job opportunities and better salaries. If they are affordable, they can attend those high-rank universities in the foreign countries without financial worries. If not, they can seek scholarship opportunities which is quite competitive and challenging. It is very certain that young people with better education background will invest their time for education first and hunt the job later.

On the other hand, some youths are more interested in seeking job opportunities rather than education opportunities. They are keen on earning money for their survival, for their families and most importantly, for the financial support of the revolution. Most of the youths might not want to settle down in the foreign country for their whole life. They might realize the reason why they have to leave the country for the time being. Therefore, they will go back to their beloved country one day when the conditions are favorable and hence will support financially for the victory of the revolution.

To sum up, whatever the reason behind, a lot of youths are lining up at the passport office from dawn to dusk in order to go to the foreign country for their better future. Further procedures also need to be followed up even after they obtain the passport. Finally, they are going abroad. So, who would be blamed for the brain drain?