The People’s Independence Army recruits new soldiers for basic military training every week (3).

The People’s Independence Army  is recruiting more revolutionary forces, and you can register by contacting their social network page.

PIA recruits troops for (3) weekly basic military training, and those who want to join (1) must be able to serve in the army until the end of the revolution. (2) Must be able to endure hardship. (3) Basic health must be good. It states three points.

“When applying to join the army, we first give priority to those who are middle-aged and young in terms of age. Another thing is that we choose people who have strong revolutionary ideas. “There is no restriction based on education,” People’s Independence Army (PIA) information officer told .

In addition to military knowledge, the army is also teaching the rules and regulations to be followed.

It has been informed that after completing the basic military education course, they will be allowed to continue teaching other specialized military education subjects as well as carry out the duties assigned by the army.

“The part where you have to eat when you are in the forest to revolutionize the military dictatorship, In the living part, I encountered a lot of poverty and fatigue. The People’s Liberation Army will give a warm welcome to anyone who is determined to fight the military dictatorship until the end,” the PIA information officer continued.

The People’s Independence Army’s second round of training was successfully held last July in an area liberated by the Allied Forces. People’s Independence Army (PIA) based in Rakhine region in 2021. It was established in the middle of the year.